WSBC November 2017 Event

Lisa Burling from LBPR is a journalist and PR professional with over 20 years' experience working on some of the world's biggest brands in Australia and the UK. She is an award-winning business owner and entrepreneur. She is also a Global Ambassador for women's entrepreneur organisation, Inspiring Rare Birds, and the Founder and Managing Director of award-winning PR consultancy LBPR and its student PR consultancy, Catalyst.

Lisa has won many awards in the Illawarra including:

Illawarra Business Chamber Awards 2016

Illawarra Women in Business Awards 2016

 Illawarra Business Chamber Awards 2015

Illawarra Women in Business 2015

At this event Lisa will speak about her experience as a business owner moving firmly into the growth phase, including LBPR's future and a new business stream that will disrupt an established industry. Lisa will also reveal a little about her latest project which she is passionate about to be launched in 2018.

Lisa will also provide insights into how she has increased her business success and provide tips that you will be able to implement into your own business to secure its future growth and development.

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